Guy Security Training - CPR & AED CLASS - Murfreesboro, TN
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AHA Heart Saver CPR and AED class will start at 8:30 am. This will include Adult, Childern, and infant CPR and AED.( no first aid will be taught in this class) This class is designed for normal ever day citzens such as moms, dads, babysitters, care givers and everyone in between! BLS HCP CPR class will start at 2:30. This class is for the Health care professional such as Nurses, CNA's, Paramedics and all other HCP that might require BLS HCP CPR. Please make sure you bring your work book with you and a form of payment if you have not already paid. I accept cash and credit cards. Both Classes will be $35 per person. ( please no personal checks). I will also provide a stamped envelopes for all the students to address to where they would like their cards mailed to once I recieve them if you want it mailed to you. Make sure to wear comforfortable clothes as we will be up and down preforming skills as part of the class. I have limited seating in both this classes, so I need to know if you are for sure attending that way I can complete the rooster. Thanks again and I look forward to see you all there. ( please feel free to share this, so that we can reach more people)

The following links are where you can purchase your student workbook if you need one. You can order a hard copy or an Ebook. If you have any problems with obtaining a book please send me a message.

Heather Zimmerman 
615-418-7540, email is [email protected] people can call or text
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