Guy Security Training - Conceal Only Permit Class - Murfreesboro, TN
Guy Personal Defense   -
NOTICE!!!!!!NOTICE!!!!!NOTICE!!!!!!NOTICE!!!!!!!NOTICE Starting December 23rd, Guy Personal Defense will be offering the new CONCEAL ONLY carry permit class. This class will be about three hours in length. It will cover Tennessee law on self defense, gun safety, etc. There will be a twenty five question test. There will be no live fire. Class times will be 9 am -12 pm or 1 pm -4 pm. Other times may be available. Class fee will be ONLY $20/ person. That's right you read it correctly, ONLY $20 / person, ONLY $20/ person, ONLY $20 / person. The Tennessee state fee is $65. Call 615-603-7824 to schedule your conceal only carry permit class. Be the first ones to get your conceal carry permit. This permit is valid in many other states.

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