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 STUDY , PRINT OFF . IT COULD HELP YOU.                                         All firearms will be unloaded when you enter the firing range
Do not load your firearm until you have been given the command to load your firearm
Always keep firearm pointed in a safe direction.  If you have a problem raise your hand and an instructor will come to you.

Hearing and eye protection are mandatory, while on the firing line.  As well as any student within 25 yards of the firing line.

Your firearm is YOUR responsibility at all times
Firearms are unloaded and securely stored in a location inaccessible to children and other unauthorized persons.
Store handguns where they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.     
An untrained person should never be allowed access to a firearm.

Your choice of carry method should be based upon your physical size, attire and training skills
Reduce accidental discharge potential
Prevent negligent access
Ladies handbags, fanny packs, binders that are designed for carry purposes
Handguns should never be carried in a waistband or in a pocket without some type of holster.

Pistol Size
Needs to match hand size, strength and skill level
Comfortable to both carry and shoot
Allows for ease of concealment

Before cleaning a handgun, be sure that it is unloaded, the action is open and no ammunition is present.
Clean your gun every time you use it

A stance is a solid stable platform from which to fire accurate shots at multiple, moving threats
Shoulders and waist square with the threat
Support foot forward
There is two types of stances. Weaver and Isosceles
Breath Control – helps to minimize body movement
Trigger control – pull trigger straight back, with a smooth continuous motion, without disturbing sight alignment

Single and double action Revolvers and semi-automatic Barrels all contain Rifling
Lands and Grooves inside the barrel are known as rifling 
Land to Land determines caliber 

Double Action - The trigger performs two tasks – both cocking and releasing the hammer.  
Single Action - The trigger performs a single action releasing the hammer.  
The two most common types of handguns are revolvers and semi-automatic pistols

While you may not be held criminally liable, you may be subject to civil liability.
You can not use deadly force when the perpetrator abandons the encounter with the victim through actions displayed and or communicates intention to do so or when the threat of life endangerment is over
Deadly force cannot be used  for the protection of property
Or all non-life threatening criminal events
Or if you are engaged in unlawful activity

ACCESS/ABILITY – Does the perpetrator have access and the ability to kill or injure me?
Am I there yet? – Has your level of fear risen to the level that deadly force is justified?

Intent – did the perpetrator act in a manner demonstrating intent to cause serious bodily injury or death?
Deadly Force is never justifiable in the defense of property

Deadly Force Definition: Any type of degree of force that may be reasonably expected to cause death or serious bodily injury.

You are criminally, civilly and financially responsible for every round you fire  and its final resting place
Shoot only to neutralize the threat
Never shoot to kill
Never fire warning shots
Never shoot to wound
Deadly force can only be used when you or another person are in imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury.
Castle Doctrine is a special provision in Tennessee law involving forced entry into  residence, business, dwelling or vehicle.

ANY  consumption of an alcoholic beverage by a permit holder, while armed shall result in the suspension of their permit for a period of three (3) years.

Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase handgun

•Been a patient in a rehabilitation program or hospitalized for alcohol, controlled substance or controlled substance analogue within ten (10) years if court ordered or three (3) years if voluntary.
A felony conviction or currently under indictment for a felony conviction
•Charge pending or convicted of Domestic Violence
•Charge pending or convicted of Stalking .

All handguns have 3 major components;

Frame- everything is attached to the frame

Barrel- metal tube that bullet passes thru.

Bore is the inside, muzzle is where the bullet exits

Action- a group of moving parts used to load, unload & fire weapon

The cylinder of a revolver rotates in the direction of the notch for the cylinder stop.

A semi-automatic will only fire 1 round per trigger pull. It will not fire multiple rounds  when you pull the trigger.

There is 2 types of handgun accidents- ignorance & carelessness

Handgun safety rules- Always point your gun in a safe direction, Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, Always keep guns unloaded until ready to use.

Do not store guns loaded.

You should clean your gun every time it is used or if it’s been stored for a long period.

Make sure your gun is unloaded, no ammo around & action is open.

Store your guns where they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

You are financially responsible for the bullet and the damage it does.

Deadly force can only be used when you or another person is in imminent fear of death or serious bodily injury.

You must ask yourself before using deadly force.

Access- Does the perpetrator have access to kill or injury you?

Am I there yet? Has your level of fear risen to the level where deadly force would be justifiable in Tennessee?

You never shoot to kill the perpetrator, never shoot to wound & never fire warning shots.

You only shoot to neutralize the perpetrator. Stop the Threat!!!!!

Ammo malfunctions;

 Misfire- a failure to fire after firing pin has struck the primer

 Hangfire- a perceptible delay in the round going off after primer has been struck by firing pin.

Squib load- When less than normal pressure or velocity is developed after ignition of the cartridge. Keep gun pointed in a safe direction. Check chambers & barrel for obstructions.

When shooting in a controlled environment, with any ammunition malfunction,  you should wait thirty (30) seconds prior to opening the action and removing the cartridge.

In a self defense situation, immediate action is required  to restore your firearm to working order.

When shooting you hold your breath because it will minimize body movement.

You must focus & concentrate on you front sight, it will appear clear & sharp. You rear sight & target will be less clear & sharp.

You can not focus on 2 objects at the same time.

You should squeeze the trigger in a smooth continuous manner without disturbing sight alignment.

Deadly force can not be used when you feel threatened, you must be threatened.

Home owners insurance will not cover you if you shoot someone. There is no bond or insurance you can buy to cover you for an intentional act.

On the range;

Cease fire- Stop shooting immediately, point gun in a safe direction & wait for instructions.
Anyone can call a cease fire

If you experience a problem with your gun, take your finger off the trigger, point your gun in a safe direction, raise your hand.

Proper sight alignment is having the top of the front sight even with the top of the rear sight & there is equal amount of space separating the front sight from the rear sight.

Talk to your children about guns. Teach them if they see a gun they should;


Don’t Touch

Leave the Area

Tell an Adult

Always be aware of your surroundings and Always be prepared for the fight.

Keep your guard up. Your head & eyes need to always be moving.
You should learn to shoot with both eyes open. Use your dominant eye for aiming

Tennessee is an open carry state, you will need a carry permit which ever way you choose to carry.

It is legal to have a fully loaded handgun in your private owned vehicle without a carry permit for people 18 yrs of age or older.

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